Marketing and Consulting

Often times, a company can identify sluggish sales results or a downturn in business. It’s these times that a company knows something needs to be done to help increase sales, but the question that always arises is, “Where do we begin?”

The answer is a short one: call Sochacki Communications.

For two decades, Ed Sochacki and Sochacki Communications have been helping its customers generate awareness, communicate with customers and increase sales. Whether you’re a family-owned restaurant, small retail store front or a Fortune 500 company, knowing the ins and outs of how to reach your core audience in today’s technology-driven society is paramount to success.

From printed collateral (direct mail, traditional advertising) and outdoor advertising, to search engine optimized websites running robust content management systems with social media integration, Sochacki Communications will work with you to develop a targeted marketing plan that helps you reach your company’s sales goals and increase brand awareness among consumers.

Sochacki Communications consulting services cover the following:
• Integrated marketing campaigns
• Website development and SEO strategies
• Media planning and purchasing
• Branding and identity development
• Social media campaign creation and implementation
• Viral marketing strategies

Over the past decade, the standard means of marketing and advertising to consumers has been turned upside down. What was once a straight-forward approach to advertising now requires implementation and deployment across several vertical marketing channels. Businesses that have been slow to adopt to these new channels have more than likely lost market share to their proactive competitors.

When your company is ready to take that next step to elevate its presence, make the decision like so many other companies have – contact Sochacki Communications.