How We Do It

Where most firms start by talking, we think listening to you, about your history, your challenges, and your goals, comes first.

Once you’ve told us everything you think we need to hear, we’ll work with you to succinctly identify your target audiences and start developing a marketing strategy that engages them on a frequent basis. Your communications plan will keep your company top-of-mind, maximizing your opportunities when competing for your audiences’ disposable income and mindshare.

The Sochacki Communications team is comprised of talented designers, website programmers, copywriters, photographers and videographers in the Advertising and Design industry. We manage your marketing and branding initiatives by building a line-up of creative experts who specialize in your specific channels of marketing communications. And as the company spearheading your marketing strategy, Sochacki Communications knows when, and at what levels, to engage our team members – keeping your budget and expenses under control.